Bub & Me – Dance is thoughtfully crafted to cater to each student’s current dance level. Within this program, toddlers (aged 18 months to 3 years) and their special someone embark on unique dance journeys tailored to their individual needs

Bub & Me – Yoga is specifically designed to rebuild the Core, front back and sides, build strength and flexibility to all the muscles and pelvic floor.

Twinkle Toes  Ages 3 – 4.5 years we cover Ballet, Jazz and Tap in this 1-hour class.

Fancy Feet Ages 4.5 – 6 years we cover Ballet, Jazz and Tap in this 1-hour class.

Explorers  Ages 3 – 6 years we cover Jazz, Funk and Tap in this 1-hour class.


We recommend for the first few lessons your child wears comfortable clothes and once you are confident they are happy to stay you purchase our uniform. Please ask one of the MNM Teachers for a uniform order sheet.

Due to OHS requirements we cannot allow students to wear open toe shoes such as thongs or sandals. We have the right to refuse a lesson if appropriate footwear is not worn.



We generally perform 1 or 2 times during the year. Either through festivals or shopping centre performances. A calendar for the term is normally handed out at the beginning of each term. Please advise your teacher as early as possible if you are unable to participate.

We accept new students throughout the year however due to timing the teacher may not place them in a performance if too soon. We also have a performance team and students are welcome to audition, however please be aware this is a big commitment the selected students must be available to perform in competitions mostly likely up to 4 per year. They must also be committed to training for 2 hours every week and they must attend a Ballet class during the week. This being said it is a great opportunity for the selected students to showcase their performance abilities and be part of a team environment.​




Grove Square – The Hills
Studio@104 – Shop 104, 375 – 383 Windsor Road, Baulkham Hills. Ph: 0140 589 780

Balcombe Heights Estate
92 Seven Hills Road, Baulkham Hills



Classes $16, Performance Team $20, Private Lessons $30 for 30 minutes. The greater the number of classes taken the greater the savings. These discounts do not apply to private lessons or adult classes


Weekly # Classes (per family) Discount Class Adults
Class 1   Casual $18.00
Class 2 10% 10 Pass Class card $140.00
Class 3 15%
Class 4 20%    


We run by the school term (except for Tiny Tot and Adult classes) and as a result every term is different. We offer a discount on the number of classes taken either by an individual or family group. After your first free trial class and you return for your first paying class we will invoice you for the rest of the term. Please note we do require you to pay for a full term including any classes that may be missed by your child.  Extenuating circumstances (such as an extended holiday where you have given 4 weeks’ notice or your child has an injury and are unable to participate) need to be discussed with management. 4 weeks notice must also be provided for any class cancellation. You may opt to pay weekly however we do require the full term payment even if non-attendance. If you would like to make direct payments please find below the details & again if you do a direct deposit please put your Childs first initial and surname as a reference. If you have more than one student then your first and surname would be appreciated. Payments: we offer Direct deposit or Eftpos. Please put your Childs full name as a reference. MNM Creating and Performing BSB – 032382 ACC – 403986. Please speak with your teacher if mitigating circumstances.